Site Introduction

site created March 19, 2005

I am an American, and I've been a Marilyn Monroe fan since 1985 or 1986, and over the years, I have cut out many Marilyn Monroe related news articles or clippings, and have amassed 4 or 5 large binders filled with articles or advertisements which feature Marilyn.

When I was a teenager, I had pen pals in other nations, so I will be placing items they sent me on the site as well. I have articles about Marilyn from Sweden, Russia, Italy, and Australia.

I'd also appreciate submissions from site visitors, so if you have any magazine articles or similiar things, would you please send them my way?

I've only just begun to put the site together, and I have a lot more material to add. In addition to this site, I also maintain the 26.62: A Marilyn Monroe fan site, so drop by there if you haven't already!.